Shilajit is a Scientifically Proven Testosterone Booster with a Staggering 85 Ionic Minerals

shilajit and testosterone

Shilajit is a dark tar like rocky substance collected from the deep rocks of Himalaya.
It’s considered to be one of the cornerstones of Ayurveda (Indian medicine) and its use dates back thousands of years.
Even in the western medicine (where Shilajit is rather new thing) it’s considered to be a supreme healing substance, mainly due to the fact that it contains more than 85 different trace minerals in their ionic form, along with fulvic acid that enhances the absorption.
All of the minerals in Shilajit are essential for the human body. However many are so rare that most people in the western diet never come to contact with them.
And on top of it all, Shilajit is a potent testosterone booster:

Shilajit as a Testosterone Booster

shilajit and testosterone levelsThe preliminary reason why Shilajit boosts testosterone is extremely simple…
…It’s jam-packed with an unbelievable amount of ionic minerals (85) along with fulvic acid which transports the minerals deep into the human tissue
(basically Shilajit is like natures very own ionic multi-mineral with extremely high absorption rate).
Needless to say that some of those minerals have a testosterone boosting effect (selenium, gold, zinc, magnesium, and boron for example). The fulvic acid also has a lattice structure that chelates heavy-metals from the body.
And somehow this natural mineral complex with the ionic fulvic acid is capable of increasing testosterone levels without really stimulating the hypothalamus-pituiary-testicles axis.
Just check out this study:
The Researchers at the J. B. Roy State Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital in India, gave their infertile subject males 200 mg’s of Shilajit for 90 consecutive days to see if it would reverse their issues.
What they found out after the 3 month period was quite remarkable:
Shilajit was able to increase their subjects serum testosterone levels by 23,5% on average, while it also more than doubled their amount of sperm cells.
shilajit testosterone booster

Shilajit supplementation didn’t really change luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, which indicates that this tar like substance does not increase testosterone by stimulating the testicular production (like most of the herbs do), but it must have some other mechanism of action, most likely caused by the minerals.

Check the Quality of Your Shilajit

authentic shilajitThe fact that Shilajit has regained quite a popularity in the past years, means that there’s a big market of hungry sellers cashing in with all sorts of fake products.
About 95% of the products in the market are complete jokes as the market is full of black pills and powders that really have nothing to do with the actual Shilajit.
Some even claim to have a fulvic acid content of +50% which is theoretically impossible as you’d need to prepare a 1:100 extract to get that amount of fulvic acid and then the cost would probably go past four figures…
…Yet they sell those “concentrated pills” for prices like 20$ :D
As a rule of thumb, real authentic Shilajit is never powdered or in pill form.
If it’s the real deal, it comes in its original resin form, like this authentic Shilajit from Lotus Blooming Herbs which I’m personally using, or this Pürblack Live Resin which has its very own letter of authenticity along with the lab tests.


If you’re using any mineral pills or multi-minerals, you can basically throw them all away when supplementing with authentic Shilajit.
It contains a ridiculously high amount of ionic trace minerals (85) along with fulvic acid which is a naturally occuring acid in dead organisms that greatly increases the bio-availibity of the minerals.
When looking at the amount of testosterone boosting minerals in Shilajit, it comes not as a surprise that it increased serum testosterone levels by 23,5% in a controlled human study.
These are the only two brands of Shilajit that I feel comfortable recommending (Lotus Blooming Herbs Authentic Shilajit, Pürblack Live Resin) as most of the other Shilajit products in the market have nothing to do with the actual rock like substance.

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  • Raefwulf

    I assume you don’t have to cycle this?

    • Global

      I dont think so, it’s minerals. Unlike herbs which has substances that act like poison, which is why we build tolerance to most of them.

      • Ali Kuoppala

        Pretty much this, Shilajit is basically not a herb so it shouldn’t contain the phytoalexin compounds which act as the plants “natural defence” system and can cause resistance in the body.

        However there’s a theory on the formation of Shilajit which states that it’s millions of years of old plant mass that has been fossilized and preserved inside the Himalayan rocks where it oozes out when the weather gets hot.

        So basically it might be hundreds of ancient herbs in fossilized form (which would explain the high amount of minerals) but that’s only a theory and I don’t think that there would be anymore active phytoalexins left in the rocky tar anymore if the plants are millions of years old :D

        So I’d say that you’re fine without cycling.

    • acer

      Would like an answer to this too, as I’ve made a tincture out of this.

  • Global

    Pürblack claims that the 85 minerals are just an hype, and I can’t find any information online which backup the 85 minerals claim. The most informative I can find is Pürblacks lab tests.

    Do you have anything to backup 85 minerals, Ali?

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Hey, thanks for pointing that out, I wasn’t even aware that it’s a market hype.

      As a matter of fact I’ve never seen an actual study citing all the minerals, I’ve only seen some review studies listing a whole lot of them for certain medical conditions, but I didn’t count how many there was :D

      I’ve always just believed the hype I guess, so many big reputable names have already tossed out the “85 ionic minerals” claim that I was too confident on it…

      …Seems like I may have been wrong.

      I have to do some more research, but other than that it’s still a substance with a shit ton of minerals, resin, and fulvic acid.

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