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Suma Testosterone root

suma testosterone boosting root

(Pfaffia paniculata)

From the rainforests of South America comes yet again a very powerful natural herb called Suma. Testosterone boosting Suma root has been used “for everything” for centuries, but mainly in South American and the Caribbeans. Only in these last couple of years has Suma’s Testosterone increasing benefits spread to the rest of the world. These days it can be found as an ingredient in most of men’s health products and hormonal cocktails.

Suma, Testosterone and Anabolic profile

Evidence strongly suggests that Suma’s Testosterone increasing effects are staggering! It contains ecdysterone which helps to support healthy anabolic hormone levels in men.
Research has shown that ecdysterone has a wider anabolic action than methandrostenolone and Dianabol, two powerful anabolic steroids.

Suma root has also been popular with athletes as an alternative to steroids. It’s even called the “Russian secret” because Russian olympic athletes used it as a natural Hormone booster!
Suma also contains a wide variety of phytosteroids that boost sex hormones, including testosterone.

Other benefits of Suma

Native people of the Amazon have used Suma root for centuries to boost libido. Not a huge surprise if we look at Suma’s Testosterone increasing abilities above…
Suma was once tested with rats in the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy. The researchers found out that male rats fed with Suma, improved their sexual performance and ejaculation volume.

My experiements with Suma

In my opinion suma is a damn good testosterone booster. There are few of those natural supplements that just deliver without a doubt.
Suma is one of them, I’d even go as far as saying that it belongs to my testosterone boosters top 3 for sure.


You can either use suma plain with water or make a Suma Testosterone tinctures. You could also add it on smoothies and porridges.
This is the tincture version of Suma that I use at the moment – Herb Pharm Suma Extract
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  • Jonny Ayotte

    This stuff sounds amazing! I’m really interesting in picking up a bottle to try it. I just have one question though, how does the dosing work? how often should I take it and when?

    • http://anabolicmen.com/ Ali Kuoppala

      Hey Jonny!

      Sorry for such a long wait man.

      You should cycle all herbs so that your body won’t create natural resistance towards them. Here’s what I’m talking about – http://anabolicmen.com/do-testosterone-boosters-work/