The Ultimate Over the counter Natural Testosterone Booster Guide for Men

raise testosterone levels with testostestorone booster cycling

Are your tired of reading all those hype reviews of testosterone boosters and supplements on the internet without never really finding anything worth even trying? Everything is suddenly the next “best testosterone booster for men” or “secret formula of natural herbs”.
Don’t worry! I can help you with that. You see I have been testing out hundreds of different testosterone boosters, aromatase inhibitors, estrogen blockers, cortisol blockers, and various of other bodybuilding supplements.
So I decided to write down a helpful list of real natural testosterone boosting supplements without the same intentions that 99% of other lists have… Those guys are just trying to sell you their “unique formula”.
Fortunately I’m not selling you anything here, I’m just outlining you the benefits of these male-hormone boosters, along with the negatives, and side-effects, and at the end of every testosterone supplement, I’m linking either to the best quality one, or to the one that I’m using myself.
If you landed on this page from Google I should probably let you know that I naturally increased my total testosterone from 420 ng/dl to 1507 ng/dl during these years of research on natural ways to boost testosterone levels. So let me assure you that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to testosterone.
Another thing that you might be thinking is why there is no “herbal blends” on the list. The reason is actually quite simple – you see there’s this thing called natural resistance in your body, and it’s very strong kind of resistance, especially if you’re taking herbal testosterone boosters. That’s why I’m recommending supplement cycling to all my readers. It’s a very simple solution to avoid that natural resistance to those herbal boosters.
Those “herbal blends” can have tens of different herbs packed in one pill, which completely wrecks the whole idea of cycling, meaning that those herbal blends will work like magic for couple of days, until you create a resistance to all of the herbs simultaneously…
So that’s my reason to never use or recommend “herbal blends” or “male formulas”.
This guide has 24 testosterone boosters at the moment, however I’m updating this list frequently so you can expect that number to double in the future. So if you were originally looking for lists of top ten testosterone boosters or anything like that then chances are that all of those boosters are in this list already.
Please remember that all of the scientific references in this testosterone booster guide can be found in the “references” section at the bottom of this list.
Let’s cut the crap and move on with the testosterone booster list;

1. Shilajit

shilajit testosterone and fertility boosterSaid to be one the cornerstones in the Indian medicine (Ayurveda), Shilajit is one of the greatest herbal testosterone boosters of all time.
This rocky tar-like substance that grows in the high altitudes of Himalayan mountains has one very interesting study in its belt, as it was able to increase total testosterone levels by 23,5% according to researchers at Indian College of Medicine. The same study also found out that 200 mg’s of Shilajit for 3 months was able to also; increase sperm count by 61.4%, sperm motility by 17.4% and sperm production by 37.6%.
Not that big of a surprise when looking at the nutritional info of Shilajit, as it’s packed with at least 85 minerals in their bio-active forms with the added benefits of fulvic-acid which significantly improves the absorbtion of those minerals.
The only problem with Shilajit supplementation is that there’s thousands of sellers who’s products are nowhere close to the actual Shilajit. That’s the reason why I would never spend my money on Shilajit pills, those are just too risky.
Fortunately there’s this guy who actually lived 20 years in the Himalayan mountains looking for pure Shilajit, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon his product. The only downfall with his Shilajit is, that it’s gone in a whim whenever get gets a fresh batch for sale.

This is the brand of Shilajit I recommend, it’s pure and authentic


2. Mucuna Pruriens

testosterone booster, mucuna pruriensThe amazing thing about this Indian super bean is the fact that it’s not only a testosterone booster, as it’s also boosting Human Growth Hormone and Dopamine, along with fertility. Which in general probably makes it the best bodybuilding testosterone booster for men.
The great thing is that Human Growth Hormone and dopamine are also known for their ability to furthermore boost the effects of testosterone in the male body, so supplementing with this velvet bean will actually be beneficial for you in many ways.
This is what the studies say about Mucuna Pruriens;
Significantly increases dopamine levelsKing George’s Medical University
Boosts total testosterone levelC.S.M. Medical University
Reduces stress hormone cortisolKing George’s Medical University
Increases Human Growth Hormone levelsJournal of Clinical Endocrinology
Significantly improves semen qualityC.S.M. Medical University
Decreases Prolactin LevelsChhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University
Like on any supplement, there’s also hungry sellers trying to cash in with low quality “extracts” of Mucuna Pruriens.

This is the powder form of my favorite Mucuna


3. Wild Nettle Roots

testosterone booster, nettle rootsStinging nettle root in general works wonders for your testosterone levels, not directly by boosting it, but trough a different kind of pathway. Nettles are known for their ability to significantly decrease estrogen levels, which of course boosts your testosterone.
Other great quality of nettles is their ability to lower SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), which is a globulin that binds into your free testosterone molecules making them “unavailable” to be used by your body.
So why not nettle in general then? – Well nettle leaves, seeds, and basically the whole plant will work wonders for your body, but the most beneficial part are the roots, which have been shown to have much stronger effects than the rest of the plant.

This high quality nettle root tincture should do the trick.


4. Muira Puama

muira puama, testosterone boosterMuira Puama comes from the rain forests of Amazon, and it’s basically just a ground up product of a tree. However it’s not just any regular tree at all, as it’s been scientifically proven to contain some fascinating benefits for all men;
1. Contains a molecule called Icariin, which has been proven to boost testosterone levels
2. Increases blood flow to pelvic region.
3. Strong nitric oxide booster (increases blood flow)
4. Natural PDE-5 inhibitor, hence the name “Natural Viagra” (Viagra and Cialis work by inhibiting PDE-5).
5. Has 3 successful erectile dysfunction studies on its belt.
6. Shantou University Medical College reports that the Icariin found in Muira Puama has very strong testosterone mimic properties.


This would be my choice for Muira Puama.


5. Suma Root

suma root, testosterone boosterSuma root is also coming from the rain forests of amazon, and just like Muira Puama it’s quite amazing for your testosterone levels.
It contains plant androgens, testosterone being one of them, and also this compound called “ecdysterone”.
So what’s so amazing about ecdysterone then?Well for starters it has been shown in clinical trials to yield stronger anabolic effects than Dianabol and Methandrostenolone, two popular anabolic steroids.
So in a way you could say that this root is a natural steroid, and actually the Russian Olympic team uses Suma for those purposes.
To reap all of the benefits from ecdysterone in Suma, you should use it in a tincture form, because then those precious plant androgens and ecdysterone won’t have to go trough your intestines and gut acids (which can potentially destroy and oxidize those compounds before reaching your bloodstream). That’s why I’m personally using my Suma in a tincture form.

This is the tincture I use, and recommend.


6. Liquid Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 Testosterone boosterVitamin D is very beneficial for men. Not only for it’s testosterone boosting benefits but also for its amazing benefits for your overall health, as this vitamin actually regulates over 1,000 bodily functions including; bone health, cardiovascular system, growth, and nitric oxide production.
You could say that vitamin D3 is not a testosterone booster as it’s just a vitamin, but if this kind of thinking crossed your mind, then I’m sorry but you’re extremely close minded, as it really doesn’t matter if it’s a vitamin, herb, amino-acid, mineral, or something similar. If it boosts testosterone, then it’s a testosterone booster and that’s it.
So how does vitamin D3 boost testosterone then?
1. Medical University of Graz found out that a year of supplementing with vitamin D3 increased their subjects testosterone by 20% in average.
2. 2012 Journal of Endocrinology reported that low vitamin D levels are linked with low testosterone and decreased life span.
3. Study from Manchester, reports that in general men with hypogonadism (low testosterone) have much lower serum D3 levels than healthy men.


This activated liquid vitamin D should work like a charm.


7. Pine Pollen Tincture

pine pollen testosterone boosterPine Pollen is usually only linked to allergies. However most of the people who diss Pine Pollen won’t ever get to know its true potential, as it’s packed with beneficial building blocks for testosterone production and for overall improved life quality.
Pine Pollen’s vast list of nutrients includes; over 30 minerals, all the essential fatty acids, 15 vitamins, and plant sterols. Keep in mind that those nutrients are all in their bio-active forms.
But the fact that really makes my socks spin, is that there’s huge amounts of plant androgens in this superfood, including; testosterone, epitestosterone, brassinolide, dehydroepiandrosterone, androsterone, and androstenedione.
That’s the reason why Pine Pollen in tincture form is so beneficial, because the alcohol will act as a carrier agent which helps those delicate molecules to absorb straight into your blood stream, without having to go trough the gastroinstestial system.
Meaning that those androgens will become present in your circulation.
I normally harvest my own Pine Pollen, but during winter I sometimes order ready made Pine Pollen tinctures from Surthrival.

This is some kick-ass Pine Pollen right here.


8. Reservatrol

testosterone supplement, reservatrolReservatrol is mainly found in the skins of grapes, however if you really want to reap the benefits of Reservatrol it needs to be taken in mega doses, meaning that supplementation is a must.
Here’s the reason why I qualify Reservatrol as a testosterone booster;
The main reason why I use Resevatrol is the fact that it’s able to stop the conversion from testosterone to estrogen. Yup that’s right testosterone will convert in to estrogen all the time in your body, this happens because there’s this enzyme called aromatase which actively converts your precious testosterone into female hormones, so obviously when we’re stopping this enzyme from fucking up our male hormone reserves, we’re boosting our testosterone levels and simultaneously lowering estrogen levels.
Studies also show that Reservatrol is not only boosting testosterone trough decreasing estrogen, but it’s also capable of stimulating the production of testosterone right inside your testicles. Powerful stuff.
Be sure to only use Reservatrol derived from grape skins or red wine, because some forms may actually contain soy (powerful phyto-estrogen).

If Reservatrol sounds like a your kind of thing. Then check out this soy-free kind.


9. D-Aspartic-Acid

D-aspartic acid testosterone supplementD-Aspartic-Acid, DAA, D-Asp, D-AA, or whatever you call it, is an amino-acid which actually is not essential, but still it’s nothing to underestimate.
In a controlled human study conducted in Italy, D-asp was able to boost testosterone levels by 42%, I certainly wouldn’t of have expected those kinds of results from an amino-acid.
There was one major thing in that study which shouldn’t be forgotten, as the subjects saw only minor changes in their serum T before 6th day of the study, but after the 6th day mark there was a sudden boost in testosterone which started to decrease after 12 days of supplementation, which leads us to a conclusion that D-AA should be used in 12 day cycles for maximal benefits.
There’s also this one study where the researchers tested D-Aspartic-Acid mixed with L-Aginine and Pycnogenol on men with erectile dysfunction. The results showed that significant portion of their subjects were actually completely cured.
Then there’s also numerous of animal studies which all state the same; D-Aspartic-Acid is a potential testosterone booster, which seems to increase testosterone in every single study conducted on it.

Here’s some great and cheap D-AA, no need to pay for flashy bottles and fillers.


10. Rhodiola Rosea

rhodiola rosea, testosterone supplementRhodiola Rosea or “Siberian Ginseng” grows in the northern parts of the world but mainly in Siberia.
Historical research tells us that it was commonly used among vikings in their long trips to help them with energy and stamina. Also the old Russian tzhar Ivan IV used it to boost his sexual performance.
When the scientists of the communist Soviet Union figured out the benefits of this herb, they vowed to never let the secret of Rhodiola Rosea leave the borders of Russia, instead they introduced Rhodiola Rosea to their nations Olympic team and Cosmonauts, which were known to use this herb a lot.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the secret of Rhodiola Rosea finally reached the rest of the world.
So how is Rhodiola Rosea a testosterone booster then?
1. Numerous of studies show that Rhodiola Rosea effectively decreases cortisol levels. Cortisol as you might already know, is known to destroy your testosterone molecules, before they even leave your testicles. Rhodiola Rosea helps you “preserve” your precious T.
2. Rhodiola Rosea is filled with over 140 phytochemicals, most of them are plant-sterols known to boost testosterone.
3. Rhodiola Rosea contains this flavonoid called apigening, which has been shown to boost testosterone levels in many clinical trials.

I use Rhodiola Rosea to drive down my Cortisol, and of course there’s the beneficial bonus of increased testosterone levels.

If you get Rhodiola, try this brand.


11. Tongkat Ali

tongkat ali testosterone supplementTongkat Ali is one of the famous testosterone boosters, and it’s a herb that can be found in almost all of those “male formulas”. That’s one of the reasons why you need to be extremely careful with the quality of your Tongkat Ali supplements, as some of them have been shown to contain pro-hormones and chemical pesticides.
However I wouldn’t say that its nowhere even near the best kinds of testosterone boosters, at least I’m not feeling the “huge boosts” that many of the sellers promise, and frankly there seems to be mixed results in clinical trials when looking at Tongkat Ali…
1. Italian University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, found out in their research that Tongkat Ali increased the sexual activity, sperm motility, sperm production, and testosterone levels in rats.
2. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported in 2013, that Tongkat Ali was able to increase testosterone, while simultaneously lowering cortisol.
3. One study showed that Tongkat Ali increased serum testosterone levels significantly in men over 50.
4. Numerous of studies show that Tongkat Ali increases sperm quality, sperm motility, and sperm volume.
5. University of Sains, Malaysia, suggests that Tongkat Ali has no effects on testosterone.

So the evidence looks very conflicting…
So far I’d say that there are better options available when looking at working testosterone boosters, and that’s why I’m not recommending you Tongkat Ali at all.

12. Calcium-D-Glucarate

blue berries calsium d gluacarate, testosterone supplementCalcium-D-Glucarate can be found in the skin of certain berries, like blueberries for instance. Calcium-D-Glucarate in a nutshell is just a fiber that binds into estrogen molecules and then “flushes” those molecules out of your body trough the intestines.
The way that this compound can be labeled as a testosterone booster is easy. Lowered estrogen levels that follow the use of Calcium-D-Glucarate will lead to a significant boost in testosterone. Simple.

Finding high quality Calcium-D-Glucarate without fillers and unnecessary binders may be a hard task, but this brand should be a great choice.


13. Maca

maca testosterone boosting supplementMaca is a crusiferous vegetable that grows in the high altitudes of Peru. It’s also one of those “popular” testosterone boosters with lots of happy users. However there’s still one study that shows no effects on testosterone levels after supplementing with Maca.
Personally I can’t believe that study, as it’s sponsored by a competing testosterone booster firm, and there’s just so much wrong with the whole study…
1. Maca is shown in this same study to increase sperm production.
2. Maca is shown in this same study to increase luteinizing hormone (LH) production.
3. Maca is shown in numerous studies to improve sexual performance.
4. Maca contains this compound called DIM which lowers estrogen levels very effectively.
5. Maca is very high in zinc, a mineral known to boost testosterone.
6. Maca has been shown to decrease cortisol levels.
7. Maca is a well known adaptogen.

Still somehow this study claims that Maca has no effect on testosterone levels?
So in my opinion, it’s either that Maca works in very mysterious ways, or the whole study is not worth believing.

You can get high quality Maca here.


14. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha testosterone boosterAshwagandha is one of my favorite testosterone boosters of all time and it has a very wide range of other uses than only boosting testosterone, for instance every time that I supplement with Ashwagandha I tend to see much more vivid dreams and it significantly improves the quality of my sleep.
I also always get the high T rush at the gym after taking Ashwagandha prior to workouts.
So is there any studies that show the testosterone booster effects of Ashwagandha?
1. Researchers at the ICMR Advanced Centre for Reverse Pharmacology in Traditional Medicine discovered that Ashwagandha decreases fat mass, increases lean muscle mass, and protects cardiovascular system in healthy individuals.
2. Three months of supplemeting with a 5g dose of Ashwagandha resulted in a nice 40% increase in serum testosterone, reports the Indian Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University.
3. Guru Nanak Dev University in India found out that athletes who supplemented with Ashwagandha significantly increased their sprint performance.
4. Ashwagandha extract has been shown to decrease cortisol levels significantly. Not a huge surprise, as this herb is one of the strongest adaptogens known to man.


This is my choice for Ashwagandha, pure quality.


15. Spirulina

spirulina testosterone boosting algaeSpirulina is an algae, but not just any plain old algae at all… It’s so dense in nutrients that it’s even used by NASA astronauts.
So why would I say that Spirulina is a testosterone booster then?
1. Spirulina is very effective at lowering estrogen levels, meaning that it also indirectly boosts testosterone levels in men.
2. Spirulina is the most effective natural remedy for flushing out heavy metals such as mercury away from your body (mercury lowers testosterone).
3. Spirulina has high amounts of Boron, which is known for its ability to boost testosterone levels.
4. Spirulina contains multiple building blocks that are needed in the production of testosterone, including; essential fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium, 17 amino-acids, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc and selenium.

I’m actually using Spirulina after all of my strength training workouts, because it’s 70% protein in the most bio-active form you could possibly imagine.

There’s plenty of loq quality spirulina around, instead of those, try this brand.


16. Horny Goat Weed

testosterone booster, horny goat weedHorny Goat Weed is a very potent testosterone booster, with added erection boosting benefits, as it’s known to greatly improve nitric oxide production along with the the blood flow to your pelvic area.
Here’s the studied benefits of Horny Goat Weed;
1. Horny Goat Weed naturally inhibits PDE-5, which is the same thing that Cialis and Viagra are doing synthetically.
2. Horny Goat Weed is packed with a substance called Icariin, which significantly increases nitric oxide and the blood flow to pelvic area. Creating more erections which ofcourse create more testosterone.
3. Shantou University Medical College reports that Icariin has also very strong testosterone mimic properties.
4. Horny Goat Weed has been shown to relax the smooth muscle in penile tissue.
5. One rat study shows an increase in penile neurons after supplementation with Horny Goat Weed.

So basically Horny Goat Weed is one hell of a great aphrodisiac with testosterone boosting benefits, and there’s many reasons why you should use it as a testosterone booster.

This is my choice for HGW. Works like a charm.


17. Zinc

zinc is a testosterone booster“Wait what? Zinc is just a mineral how could anyone call it a testosterone booster?!”
1. Each of your ejaculations will deplete about 5 mg’s of zinc from your body.
2. One study showed that zinc in combination with magnesium and B6 increased testosterone by 34%
3. However some studies show that there’s no difference if the subjects are not depleted in zinc.

The Conclusion; Evidence seems to show that to get the testosterone boosting benefits of zinc you need to have depleted amounts of it. However changes are that you do, as zinc will not be stored in your body, instead you need to get adequate amounts of it every single day, and that’s a really hard task without supplementation.
That’s why I’m regularly supplementing with zinc orotate (the most bio-available form).

My choice for zinc can be found here.


18. Magnesium

magnesium boosts testosterone levels naturallyMagnesium is something that I personally love. Sadly people in general just think that magnesium is a plain old mineral, which doesn’t really do anything special, however there’s some pretty cool testosterone boosting benefits that we can attain from this mineral.
1. 60% of your total testosterone is bound into SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which makes it “unavailable” for your body to be directly used. Magnesium however is one of the best supplements for lowering your SHBG count, which means that you’ll have some more testosterone in the “free testosterone” form. (the most beneficial one).
2. Geriatricians at the University Hospital of Parma, found out that older men who had more magnesium in their body, also had higher concentrations of serum testosterone and growth hormone.
3. University of Selcuk, Turkey, found out that athletes who supplemented with one gram of magnesium, increased their testosterone levels by 25% after 4 weeks of supplementation.
4. Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taipei found out that supplementation with magnesium significantly lowered their subjects fat percentage, when compared to placebo.
5. Vitamin D3 won’t work if there’s not enough magnesium in your blood, and if you checked out the part about vitamin D3 earlier, you’ll know that depleted levels of D3 will lead to low testosterone.
6. Magnesium significantly improves the quality of your sleep, and of course when you sleep better, you produce more testosterone.

I’m rubbing transmedal magnesium oil into my chest every night before I hop into bed, it works like magic.

Here’s a link to the brand I use.


19. Apigening

apigening, flavonoid with testosterone boosting propertiesApigening is a flavonoid that is present in certain vegetables, parsley for example contains nice amounts of apigening.
The researchers at Texas Tech were testing different flavonoids in their search for natural anti-aging compounds, however during their research they found out that this flavonoid called apigening works like a testosterone booster.
The researchers found out that even as little as 50 mg’s of apigening extract significantly increased testosterone production, by stimulating the leydig cells in testicles.
This testosterone booster is still on it’s early days, and there’s only 2 studies that link apigening with increased testosterone levels, however those 2 are the only ones that have looked at the flavonoid from a testosterone point of view. So far 100% success rate, in my opinion further testing may be needed to prove that this flavonoid boosts testosterone, but during that testing I’d say that there’s no big harm in either eating tons of parsley, or supplementing with apigening.

If I’d supplement with apigening, this would be my choice.


20. DIM

DIM, testosterone booster supplementDIM or Diindolylmethane is a breakdown product of indole 3-carbinol (I3C) which occurs naturally in crusiferous vegetables. DIM has shown to have some nice benefits for our testosterone levels by effectively removing estrogen (female hormone) from our liver, by the action called “estrogen metabolism”.
Research has also shown that this phytochemical compound lowers SHBG count while also increasing free testosterone levels.
So basically we have here a supplement that flushes out excess estrogen, lowers down our SHBG count, and also increases free testosterone levels.
You can either get DIM by eating tons of crusiferous vegetables, but if you really want to reap out the benefits of DIM, use it as a supplement with Calcium-D-Glucarate and betaine to effectively flush out estrogen from your body.
When choosing DIM supplements you have to be careful, as most of the brands use soybean in their DIM supplements, which is of course a big no-no for us testosterone boosting guys.

Here’s some soy-free DIM.


21. Cordyceps Sinensis

cordyceps sinensis testosteroneCordyceps is a wonderful supplement for athletes, as this medicinal mushroom contains compounds that have been performing outstandingly well in latest clinical trials.
Here’s some of the benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis, along with the reason why I call it a testosterone booster;
1. Research on rat leydig cells (almost identical to ours) show that Cordyceps Sinensis has some benefits of stimulating those T boosting cells to release more testosterone.
2. Oral supplementation with rats show that Cordyceps Sinensis increases testosterone levels in a matter of 3 hours, which tells us that this medicinal mushroom will survive the harsh conditions of our gastrointestial system.
3. Cordyceps contains super antioxidants, known for nourishing the leydig cells to preserve testosterone molecules from oxidization.
4. Cordyceps Sinensis is actually capable of lowering resting heart rate by 4-8 bpm.
5. In a double blind placebo study, Cordyceps Sinensis increased ATP levels by 50% (ATP enzymes are the ones that transfer energy from cell to cell).
6. Cordyceps contains high amounts of mannitol, which increases bloodflow to the pelvic region and improves sexual performance.


In my opinion FSF delivers the best quality medicinal mushrooms, that’s why my I use FSF’s instant cordy.


22. Fenugreek

fenugreek natural testosterone boosterFenugreek has benefits on both, men and women, as it increases the milk production of pregnant women, while still posing quite different benefits for men.
In men supplementation with Fenugreek seed extract has shown this;
1. Researchers at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor gave 500 mg’s of Fenugreek extract to 30 young bodybuilders in a trial that lasted 8 weeks. After the trial ended, Fenugreek group had increased their testosterone by 26% when compared to placebo group.
2. Many men believe that Fenugreek has estrogenic properties because it increases the milk output of females, however this is not the case. Fenugreek has been shown to actually decrease estradiol levels, while posing very strong anti-oestrogenic properties in men.
3. There’s also quite promising results from studies done with patented formulas of extracted Fenugreek, but I’m not going to talk about those, as we all know how fucked up the results can be on those “sponsored” studies.


Here’s some pure fenugreek, no need to pay for flashy bottle or extra fillers.


23. Royal Jelly

roayl jelly, natural testosterone boosterRoyal Jelly is a jelly mixture that bee’s produce to keep their workers energized. It’s also fed to the queen bee daily troughout its whole life.
Royal Jelly is well known in the anti-aging world, where it’s touted to be the next big thing for external youth. Those claims sure seem to be pretty misleading, but fortunately there’s some scientific backup on the testosterone booster like benefits of Roayl Jelly.
1. University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan, reports that 6 month supplementation with Royal Jelly; significantly increased testosterone, lowered heart disease risk, and improved cognitive skills in older men.
2. Thi-Qar College of Medicine in Iraq, found out that even a small amount of Royal Jelly (25 mg’s) was enough to increase testosterone levels by 20% on healthy men.
3. Nagaragawa Research Center in Japan, found out that supplementation with Royal Jelly significantly lowered prolactin levels, while increasing testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels. Researchers figured out that Royal Jelly somehow stimulates the pituiary gland, which then produces such effects.
4. Handful of animal studies show that Roayl Jelly is a potent testosterone booster in the animal kingdom, while it also significantly increases red blood cell count (sign of high testosterone).

In conclusion it looks that there’s a lot of positive results with this testosterone booster, so I can happily recommend it to all men interested in testosterone boosters.

This is my choice for Royal Jelly.


24. Tribulus Terrestris

tribulus terrestris testosterone booster supplementTribulus is really something that shares the opinions, as others say that it’s completely useless, while others tout it for being the best thing since sliced bread.
Strangely the studies show similar results, as some studies show that Tribulus boosts testosterone significantly, while other studies then show that it boosts everything but testosterone.
The big arguments with this herb are usually start in those bodybuilding forums, where the masters of bro-science are arguing about how Tribulus Terrestris didn’t increase their gains in the gym, and usually those same guys report how it increased their sexual stamina, and still they tout about it being the worst T booster ever.
So how could you possibly call this herb a testosterone booster?
Well I can’t for sure, but after I tested it for myself I’m definitely feeling the high T effects, but still I cannot guarantee that this supplement will work for everyone (despite the fact that it seems to generate testosterone like benefits on everyone).
In the end you’ll just have to figure it out yourself with some personal testing.

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  • Joe

    Great article, can the estrogen blockers be taken on the same day as the testosterone boosters or should they be taken on seperate days? Thanks~

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Hey Joe!

      I usually cycle the herbal estrogen blockers like nettle roots for example. However I’m taking DIM and Calcium-D-Glucarate daily, while also eating tons of crusiferous veggies.

  • Ramon

    Great list! After reading this and how cycle these herbs I am a little confused as to how to use the cordyceps, tongkat ali and aspartic acid. Do you cycle on and off of them the same way you use the others or do you take them for longer periods of time? The aspartic acid says to take it in twelve day cycles, so how long in between cycles? Cordyceps from research I have done in the past seems to need to saturate the body before its actions kick in……or do you only take it once a week and still benefit? The tongkat ali portion is just a little confusing in that it seems like you are NOT reccomending it, perhaps I simply misread. Thanks man for any feedback!

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Hey Ramon.

      I do take cordyceps daily whenever I have it, I’m not sure if the mushrooms have that much of natural phytolexins in them as the herbs do. Other than that I don’t even use cordy as a T booster, mainly use it because of the calming effects it has on the body.

      I do cycle DAA with those 12 day cycles, I’m not sure how long to take a break but when I do use DAA, it’s usually 12 days on 12 days off until I run out of the stuff.

      And yeah I can’t really recommend tongkat ali that much because of the fact that it has some studies that show it’s not that effective, and mainly because there’s just too much hype around the herb and most of the extracts on the market are not even tongat ali at all.

      However when I took it myself, I did see some T boosting effects, such as increased rate of body hair growth and a boost in libido.

      So the evidence on Tongat Ali is inconclusive in my opinion and that’s why im not full on recommending it, even though it seemed to have positive impact on me.

  • N2Paul

    Great list , but unfortunately I dont have at the time enough money (im a student) to try them all . Which give you the most benefits ? So far I’ve tried zinc (it makes me more horny), D3 (didnt feel any benefit ), Magnesium (improved sleep a little), Siberian Ginseng (didnt feel any better but when I used it I’d was on a stupid low calories diet and was feeling tired all the time , also should I better try Panax Ginseng? I’ve read that is powerful then siberian) and multivitamins . Thanks for any feedback and keep posting on this awesome website !

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Hey Paul! Sorry for such a long wait, I somehow missed this.

      Zinc and D3 will boost test to a certain point, but after that they’re just maintaining the high levels.

      Siberian ginseng will not directly stimulate T production as effectively as some other herbs but it does it trough different mechanism, cortisol and so on.

      Also panax ginseng is very good for nitric oxide and bloodflow and it also has some T boosting studies, I actually have a post about it too.

      As far as the money goes, if you want the best test boosters then probably something with icariin: Horny Goat Weed or Muira Puama should be pretty solid.

      Also the ones with clear and respected human studies are pretty solid ones: Royal Jelly, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Fenugreek, Shilajit and Mucuna for example.

      If I’d have to only choose few boosters from that list I’d probably take Shilajit and Royal Jelly for sure.

      • N2Paul

        Thanks for the reply man , fortunately Shilajit and Royal Jelly are cheap so I’ll get them today and also try some Ginger also .with eating garlic at night before sleep .

  • oneshot2shots

    Wow, its so great that the best of even the rarest herbs are all available on amazon.

    • Ali Kuoppala


  • Aaron

    Thanks for making this list. Really well wrote. I just have one question.

    Obviously I am not going to order every supplement, so what are 3,4, or 5 that you recommend using in combination and the dosages?

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Mucuna, Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Boron, Zinc.

      For herbs take a table spoon if it’s powder or few drops if it’s tincture. For minerals take double or triple the recommended daily allowance.

      • Playa

        Hi can you tell me the best ones to use and why ?, also maybe like top five in order. Thank you

      • bahadur

        Do you need to take boron, zinc, magnesuim when you are taking Shilajit???

  • Hukanoobi

    So, I only have one question about all of this. If you had to pick just one of these supplemental herbs to increase your athletic performance as an explosive strength athlete, which would it be? Right now, I am between Ashwagandha and Cordyceps, but I would really appreciate your expert opinion.

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Probably mucuna pruriens as it boosts HGH, dopamine, and testosterone, while lowering prolactin.

  • Tony Antoniou

    I’ve tried everything and the only thing that works for me is rhodelia rosea. Also can I ask why do you rub magnesium oil into your chest as opposed to any other part of the body? Does it work better when rubbed into the chest?

    • Ali Kuoppala

      Chest is very dense in androgen receptors.

      • bahadur

        Does it helps chest to become more manly, broad, hairy and muscular???

      • bahadur

        hey ali, can you explain me what exactly is androgen receptors?? is it make man more manly??

  • Tony Antoniou

    Can you please explain how to cycle supplements? Also which single supplement would you say is best for reducing estrogen? I can’t afford to buy all those supplements you mention. I suffer with fibromyalgia, very low libido, chronic lower back pain, neck pain, IBS, fatigue. I have been taking Rhodiola Rosea for the past 2 weeks and it has given me my life back. I tried all those other supplements you mentioned and they did nothing for me. Some of them actually made my condition worse. However I’m worried the Rhodiola will lose effect if taken for too long which is why I’m asking for advice on how to cycle the product. Any help greatly appreciated.

    • Ali Kuoppala

      If you’re only taking Rhodiola then take it like this 2 days on 3 days off, or 2 weeks on 1 week off, etc.

      If you’re using multiple herbs, it’s best to take one daily, and never to take the same twice in a week.

      Having 7 herbs is a good option, then just take one herb for one day of the week.

  • bahadur

    Is it safe for a 18 year old taking testosterone boosting herbs.?? i am 18 year old male with low testosterone because of poor diet, too much cardio and insomnia… I want to increase naturally, i want to know if its safe for me?

    • Ali Kuoppala

      It’s safe, they’re like supernutritious food.

  • mirin’demgains

    Can I take cal-d-glucarate every day? also what would the dosages be for all the recommended herbs above that are in pill form?

  • Εβαγγελος Θεοχαρης

    I have PKD Polycystic Kidney Disease. I am currently taking prescription Calcitriol (active D3) along with 5000 iu vitamin D and Sensipar to lower my hyperparathyroid. I am looking for the best supplements to lower prolactin and estrogen (since I have bumps under both nipples and prolactin was high in blood tests and free test was low normal). Also looking for supplements to raise (LH) luteinizing hormone, HGH, and Dopamine. I have muscle wasting occurring because of being on typical dialysis but I will soon be starting daily home dialysis which will help remove more toxins and reverse the muscle wasting.
    Id like to have a list of at least 24 supplements that I can cycle that you recommend that will lower prolactin and estrogen and raise my testosterone, LH, HGH, & Dopamine outside of vitamins an minerals since I will be taking all the fat and water soluble vitamins listed on this site.

  • bahadur

    Do you need to cycle shilajit??? i am taking shilajit everyday… I don’t take zinc,magnesuim, boron…. is it good idea?? should i suppliment with those minirals or i can get it from shilajit???

  • Tls

    On my phone your link for zinc is linking to horny goat weed instaed. What zinc do you prefer?

  • Iannis Boun

    Maybe anyone knows an ALL-inOne supp? or at least most of them?

  • Iannis Boun

    So how do you cycle them? You start with Shiladjit for example , use it over a month; then change to another one?

  • Iannis Boun

    So how do you cycle them? You start with Shiladjit for example , use it over a month; then change to another one?
    and a final question , can we make tincture from these herbs either in their dry form or powder form??Thanks!

  • CTGCapo

    Cycling makes perfect sense!!! But with Vigrx and Prosolution claiming you have to take their pills Everyday because they have to Build Up in your system, do they really work effectively?

  • rudyforest

    Ali, first thank you for your site, it is world class and I hope the hard work is paying dividends.

    Secondly I had a thought on when to take supplements (specifically the velvet bean, Phos, Carnitine “stack”) After working out, our cortisol is high so like most people I take a protein shake with maltodextrin and some dextrose to get the insulin to cancel the cortisol and shuttle nutrients protein and glycogen into the muscles. I’m thinking about 1/2 hr after this would be a fantastic time to ingest the stack – it would further lower cortisol, release HGH, and boost testosterone and you’d retain those benefits the remainder of the day. If we do it earlier in the day it’s benefits might be cancelled by the cortisol from the workout. What do you think?

  • santhosh1983

    Hey Ali,

    Thanks for a superb website with tons of good information!

    I am really interesting in cycling some natural test boosters and I wanted to read your article about how to cycle natural testosterone boosters however the article does not seem to exist anymore. I really wanted to read about this. Did the URL link change for the article?


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