Vlad Belghiru, MD

Dr. Belghiru Vlad’s interest in science was amplified during his teenage years, attending one of the most prestigious high-schools in Romania, Colegiul National Carol I. It was the school’s mathematical program which developed his keen eye for details and the sense of logic and correlations between facts and outcomes. He then attended and graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy from the city of Craiova and is now a Medical Doctor. He will take the national residency exam in November and will decide on which medical specialty he will choose.

His strong points and skills have been acquired throughout the years. His experience is the sum of the hours of hard work and dedication he has put in. Thousands of patients, tens of exams, countless clinic and surgical hours, exceptional tutors, national and international Congresses as an active participant have formed him and have fueled his passion.

Besides having a strong medical background, Belghiru Vlad has also taken great interest in the Faculty’s Non Governmental Organization, developing his abilities to manage time, to speak in public and to form and lead a team. The Society for Medical Students from Craiova is part of the Federation of Medical Students Association from Romania, which is as well part of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations. At a local level, Belghiru Vlad has held the following roles, in chronological order: Project coordinator (2nd year), Local Officer for Reproductive Health including AIDS (3rd year), Vice President on Internal Affairs (4th year), Treasurer and Local Officer for Reproductive Health including AIDS (5th year). Being part of an amazing team and working with the local community has given Belghiru Vlad more hands on experience and has made him grateful that, with the help of his team, he was able to educate the general population on the prevention and the management of various diseases and also contribute to the well being of groups of people that are prone to stigma all over the globe.

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dr vlad belghiru md