Gynecomastia: How to Exercise to Get Rid of Man Boobs

By Ali Kuoppala | Last reviewed Mon 24 September 2018

Medical Review by Dr. Stefano Pizzo, MD

Gynecomastia occurs primarily due to too high estrogen levels and estrogen receptor activity, too low testosterone and DHT levels and androgen receptor activity, and as a cherry to the top prolactin levels are also often elevated (this can literally trigger milk production in severe cases).

So the actual condition is mostly hormonal, although being fat and lacking muscle make it appear even worse...

...Which is why certain types of exercise can actually be used to (with proper natural hormone optimization) to completely rid the issue of gynecomastia.

Here's how to exercise to lose man boobs naturally:

Do Something Daily that Burns Extra Calories

exercises that get rid off gynoMost guys who have gyno also have some extra fat mass.

They may be "skinny" too, but often that comes with pretty high fat percentage and no muscle, making the chest are still look soft and flabby.

The best way to combat this is by burning away the fat, and lifting heavy weights to pack on defined muscle mass to the chest area.

This alone can completely cure gyno if it isn't deeply rooted to hormonal problems and was actually just fat, otherwise known as "pseudogynecomastia".

So we will start this chest sculpting from something fairly simple. A calorie deficit which forces your body to burn away fat mass. Aim for about -500kcal daily deficit and you should be all good.

How to do this you ask?

Simple, eat less, move more. Walk, bike, whatever. I personally like just walking on an incline treadmill to burn extra 500-1000kcal per day, which allows me to eat plenty of food without being on a caloric surplus.

This is not rocket science, just eat less, move more = fat percentage will get lower (as long as you're sticking to the deficit) and this in turn is the "best exercise" for reducing gyno appearance.

Just Lift Weights

chest exercise for reducing gynecomastiaNow in order to get that chest more defined and less saggy, you will be lifting weights.

None of that "pump" training in machines for some stupid goal of "localized fat burn" (which is a complete myth by the way), but some good old fashion weight lifting with 4-12 reps and 2-5 sets on weights that will make you push it close to your limits.

Do this for all of the muscle groups in the body (not just chest area) frequently while progressing to heavier and heavier weights and you will not only reduce the appearance of man boobs, but also look pretty damn ripped in a year or two.

In terms of exercises, just follow any basic weight lifting routine...

...Just when it comes to chest area, put emphasis on incline bench pressing instead of flat bench press (this builds the upper portion of the chest muscle and reduces the appearance of "tits sticking forward").

If you want a program that builds not only a masculine body, but also increases hormonal health, consider investing on the THOR program. It's the best training method for increased androgen receptor activity, testosterone, and DHT, and should work wonders in helping you get rid of man boobs.

Ali Kuoppala

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