Start Here: The Step-by-Step Guide to Natural Hormone Optimization and Navigating

By Ali Kuoppala

With 300+ articles about men's health and testosterone optimization, we get that navigating this website can prove to be a difficult task for a new user.

I mean where should you start?

How can you find the best - most important articles and pages - and how to get up to speed with all this new information as quick as possible.

Well, good news. If you're reading this, you have come just to the right place. Below, I will quickly go through the following topics:

  • What is
  • What is natural testosterone optimization?
  • What are our most important articles per category
  • What is the Anabolic Academy and these "Courses" we speak about?

What is Anabolic Men

anabolic men logoAnabolic Men began as a little business hobby of mine in late 2013.

It was close to the end of my military service, and since I did not want to go back to my dead-end job after the service, I took the leap of faith.

I invested all my savings of the time and bought the domain name and hosting service. After that I simply started writing about the topic I had independently researched for my own use for years before that day; natural testosterone optimization.

Turns out that my initial leap of faith ended up to be the best decision I ever made, as Anabolic Men is currently the World's #1 resource for independent men's health and hormone optimization advice. serves evidence-based men's health and natural testosterone articles to over 500,000 monthly visitors.

Over the years, this natural testosterone resource has grown to house over 300 health and hormone optimization articles, several awesome men's health courses, and we even have our own forum now with great community of thousands of men naturally optimizing their hormones.

What is Natural Testosterone Optimization

what is hormone optimizationYour body naturally produces this powerful male hormone; testosterone.

This happens when the hypothalamus secretes gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) which then travels to the pituiary gland to trigger the release of the gonadotropins; luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

These gonadotropins then travel down the spine and into the testicles, where LH stimulates the leydig cells to convert modified cholesterol (pregnenalone) into testosterone, and FSH works more in the department of sperm production.

During the time that the above takes place, there are multiple different system that we can optimize:

  • We can increase the production of GnRH.
  • Boost the pulsatile rate of luteinizing hormone.
  • Make both GnRH and LH more sensitive towards the cells.
  • Improve the enzymatic cholesterol to pregnenalone conversion.
  • Boost secondary messengers like cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).
  • We can improve thryoid function which improves cellular energy production.
  • There are natural methods to increase sensitivity of the androgen receptors.
  • We can suppress hormones like estrogen and prolactin that supress test.
  • We can lower SHBG levels which increases testosterone bio-availibity

The above, and many other mechanisms exist in the body that can directly or undirectly impact the production and utilization of testosterone. And the best part is that there are thousands of studies examining natural factors such as exercise, macronutrient intake, micronutrient intake, specific types of foods, lifestyle factors, and even supplements with their effect towards testosterone production.

So that's what we're focusing here. We are looking into different ways to naturally bring testosterone and the supporting hormones into the upper reference ranges, sometimes even above. And this is all done without the use of steroids or exogenous hormones which only suppress the natural production.

We recommend the following approach for beginners:

  1. Get comprehensive blood labs to know where you're at.
  2. Learn the principles of endocrine system functions (gives you advantage).
  3. Start from the basics such as sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition plan.
  4. When you learn more, look into more hi-fi stuff like supplements.
  5. Keep monitoring your hormone levels and enjoy the naturally higher T-levels

Tens of thousands of AM visitors have sucessfully crushed their low-T naturally, and the numbers increase on a daily basis. If you want to learn about testimonials about like-minded individuals, hop on to our forum and see for yourself.

Most Important Anabolic Men Articles

most popular anabolic men articlesAs said above, there are more than 300 articles on this website.

It can be though to navigate and find the most important ones at first. You know, the ones that give you most knowledge of the most important factors in short amount of time.

So below, you can find the most important AM articles by each category, to get you nicely up to speed with natural hormone optimization and men's health.

The Basics:






Of course the above is just a scratch to the surface of what this blog has to offer, so I encourage you to also visit our blog page to find all of our articles. You might want to also take a look at our FAQ's and the resource page.

What is the Anabolic Academy?

anabolic academyThe Anabolic Academy was launched in 2016.

It's an online-course based system where we house all the greatest men's health and hormone optimization programs. You also have the option to download the courses as readable e-books in .PDF files.

We currently have 4500 active students in there and more are signing up on a daily basis.

The most popular courses include:


I Hope this start here page proved to  be helpful for you.

If you want to get started even faster, the two most comprehensive ways are;

  1. Read the TestShock Porgram.
  2. Read this post from start to finish.