3 Surprising Foods that Block Aromatase Enzyme

Medical Review by Dr. Vlad Belghiru, MD

Fact is that estrogen - even though it's called the female hormone - is also present in the male body.

It has some functions, for joints and memory mainly, but in excess it leads to problems such as: man boobs, mood swings, feminizing body changes, and generally, lack of masculine traits with increased feminine kind.

Estrogen in males is primarily produced from testosterone, as an enzyme called aromatase, converts T to E.

Now, there are several foods that can block the aromatase enzyme (resulting in more testosterone, less estrogen) and block and downregulate the estrogen receptors (making estrogen less effective in the body).

In this article, you'll learn about the three surprising foods that are anti-estrogenic:

#3. Liver

liver is a good estrogen blocking foodLiver is loaded with nutrients.

I mean, just 100 grams of it has all the B-vitamins at easily over 100% RDA. it has more than 100% RDA on most of the essential minerals, vitamin A, vitamin K2, vitamin D...

...But perhaps the most important of these nutrients is choline, a water-soluble vitamin that acts as a methyl donor in the body.

When you consume adequate amounts of choline, you're introducing methyl rings into your body. Estrogen is structurally incomplete and lacks one methyl ring in its structure. Methylating it makes it easier for the liver to remove it from the body.

#2. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits are good estrogen and aromatase blocking food itemsNot only are citrus fruits high in fructose (which can lower SHBG, make androgens more active, and boost thyroid function)...

...They also contain some micronutrients like vitamin C and potassium, and few anti-estrogenic compounds.

Quercetin (a powerful aromatase blocker), limonoids, and naringening to name a few.

Bottom line being that for anyone seeking to lower estrogen, increase testosterone, and boost thyroid function, drinking 1-2 quarts of non-concentrated citrus fruit juice per day would be a great idea.

#1. White Button Mushrooms

white button mushrooms and testosterone levels

Research has shown us some impressive benefits of white button mushrooms.

Specifically in their effect of blocking the aromatase enzyme (which works by converting free-testosterone into estrogen).

According to several studies, white button mushrooms as well as the supplemental extracts of them, are potent at blocking the enzyme aromatase, and thus can fairly effectively reduce estrogen levels (study, study, study).

Ali Kuoppala

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