Redwood Review: Possibly the Best Natural Circulation Supplement

Before we dive into the review of Truth Nutraceutical's Redwood supplement, know that there are many compounds that can dramatically increase erection quality and relieve erectile dysfunction (ED) naturally.

However, supplement manufacturers today rarely do justice to these great compounds in their formulations, which leads to a low-quality market of over price and under dosed formulations that do very little to actually make a difference.

Truth Nutraceuticals wanted to break this trend by formulating Redwood, a research-backed erection boosting/cardiovascular health supplement that is scientifically proven to get you back on your A-game.

Redwood Ingredients:

1.) Vitamin C + Garlic Bulb Extract

The combination of vitamin C with garlic extract is a not so well known natural erection booster.Redwood ingredients review of garlic and vitamin C

This is because both of them - isolated are potent at increasing nitric oxide (NO) levels - and when taken together at the right dosages, they work in conjunction to absolutely skyrocket the production of arterial expanding nitric oxide, which is a crucial component in achieving healthy and strong erections.

This was seen in a human study by Mousa et al. where the researchers administered 2 grams of vitamin C along with 4 low-dose garlic extract capsules per day for 10 days.

The results were staggering;

  • Endolethial nitric oxide (NO) production increased by over 200%.
  • The average systolic blood pressure dropped from 142 to 115.
  • The average diastolic blood pressure dropped from 92 to 77.

The combination of increased nitric oxide and lowered blood pressure will allow for a significantly better circulation of blood to the penis, and therefore dramatically increase erection quality naturally, which is why Redwood is formulated to contain 1 grams of vitamin C and 300mg's of garlic extract (taken for every 12 hours this totals to highly effective 2g of vitamin C and 600mg's of garlic extract).

2.) Horse Chestnut Extract

Horse chestnut extract (Aesculus hippocastanum) is a potent source of steroidal saponins that go by the name of escin (sometimes also called aescin).Redwood contains the ingredient horse chestnut extract

These saponins are proven to stimulate nitric oxide synthesis, but they also have another method in how they improve erection quality and testosterone levels.

It's their effect at improving venous insufficiency and promoting the health of vascular valves by making the endolethial cells inside the veins more permeable to calcium ions.

Because of the fact that escin raises NO levels and improves vascular valve function, it's also found to be very potent at preventing and even eliminating the formation of varicoceles...

...Which is a blanket term for defective valves in the scrotal area known to affect ~20% of men, and being one of the leading causes of male infertility, erection problems, and low testosterone levels.

Redwood includes standardized horse chestnut extract because of escin's ability to increase nitric oxide production, improve circulation, increase vascular system health and valve function and the prevention/elimination of scrotal varicose veins.

3.) Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is the standardized extract of the French maritime pine bark.Redwood contains the ingredient pycnogenol

It contains high amounts of a compounds called procyanidins, which have been found in numerous studies to dramatically increase the levels of circulation/erection boosting nitric oxide.

Studies examining pycnogenols effect in increasing blood flow have noted it to work exceptionally well in;

Now as to be expected, when something works as a vasodilator and enhances blood circulation, it should also dramatically improve erection quality...

...And luckily, this has been shown in research too. In a Bulgarian study, over 90% of the subjects reported improved erection quality after supplementing with pycnogenol. The study was replicated later with similar results.

Pycnogenol is clinically proven to increase arterial expansion by 42% on healthy humans, which is why it is one of the key ingredients in Redwood. Redwood is formulated with 100mg's (two servings per day for 200mg's) of marimite pine bark, which is an effective dose used in majority of the studies.

Redwood Side Effects - Is It Safe?

Since Redwood is formulated with 100% natural ingredients, there are no side effects! You can rest assured that Redwood is safe to take.

Redwood Review Conclusion

Truth Nutraceuticals wanted to formulate the #1 natural nitric oxide and erection boosting supplement on the market for a competitive price without sparing on the quality and safety of the ingredients.Redwood supplement review

Redwood is the finished product that finally brings research-proven mixture of potent blood flow enhancing compounds to the market for affordable price.

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Where Can You Buy Redwood?

You can get your bottle of Redwood from this link (while supplies last).

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