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Testosterone Workout Plan: Sample Routine

Exercise, as well as sleep, sex, and proper macronutrient intake – form the base of your natural testosterone production. And while it’s a well-accepted scientific fact that resistance training increases T levels (study, study, study, study, study, study, study, study), there aren’t any testosterone workout routines that have been laid out and show you how…

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TestShock Review: 11 to 1192 ng/dL Testosterone in 18 Months

testshock review

Note: This review was written before Anabolic Academy was created and TestShock was added there. At the time of writing I had no business ties to Chris or TestShock, hence why we’ve decided to keep this old review online. Christopher Walker’s TestShock (formerly Testosterone I/O) is a 100% natural testosterone optimization program that teaches you…

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