How to Build a Home Gym: 6 Critical Pieces of Equipment

how to build a home gym

 Hopefully, you’re already aware of the impact proper weight training can have on testosterone levels and bodily androgen utilization. (In case you’re not, go back and read how a basic resistance training routine increased resting testosterone levels by 40% in just 4-weeks and how strength training impacts androgen receptor density). If you’re lucky enough to have…

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DAA and Testosterone: D-Aspartic Acid Under Examination

bcaa testosterone

By Ali Kuoppala | Last reviewed Mon 24 September 2018 Medical Review by Gerardo Sison, PharmD  D-Aspartic acid – or DAA – which is a non-essential amino acid naturally found in various bodily tissues, hit the bodybuilding World like a storm few years ago. All it took for the supplement companies to make millions of…

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Creatine and Testosterone: The #1 Bodybuilding Supplement

creatine testosterone levels

By Ali Kuoppala | Last reviewed Tue 25 September 2018 Medical Review by Gerardo Sison, PharmD Creatine is a natural substance that is present in almost all vertebrates. It’s a key component in skeletal muscle metabolism, and it’s also the most researched and respected bodybuilding supplement out there. Creatine works simply by increasing the amount of ATP…

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