Green Tea and Testosterone: Surprisingly Bad for Male Hormones

green tea and male testosterone level effects

Medical Review by Dr. Stefano Pizzo, MD Green tea is considered to be one of the healthiest drinks around due to its fairly high content of antioxidants. In the case of green tea or supplemental green tea extract, there are four antioxidants that are believed to be the principal cause to green tea health benefits.…

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Fluoride and Testosterone: Endocrine Disruptor?

fluoride and testosterone levels

By Ali Kuoppala | Last reviewed Tue 25 September 2018 Medical Review by Dr. Stefano Pizzo, MD Everyone knows fluoride. It’s the naturally occurring inorganic chemical used heavily in toothpaste, salts, and tap water supply for the prevention of tooth decay. And even though some hippie “alternative medicine” people like to claim that it doesn’t…

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